first bed planted

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

strawberry bed

7 more wheelbarrows full of soil moved (some to random points around the yard where I plan to do some projects, some to freshening containers I’ll be planting soon) and the first bed planted! There are 16 Quinaults and 16 Chandlers in there. I was going to have the strawberry bed be the one bed that I planted “traditionally”…meaning in rows. But I found evidence of strawberries being grown successfully via the squarefoot gardening method. I know…I need to get some mulch.

I actually got much more than the first bed planted. I planted everything I got the day before, and some stuff I got today. My husband was also ready to buy his tomatoes today. They’ve been purchased and planted too. I did some ‘shopping’ at my father-in-laws. He gave me some onions that he’d started from sets and some from seed and a couple tomatoes. He also gave me access to his extra seeds and I planted some things from his seeds and some from seed I had purchased.

I really can’t believe all that I accomplished the past few days.
soil almost gonemostly filled beds

(…and no, I don’t plan to leave the little plastic tags…I just don’t trust I’ve recorded everything correctly with all I’ve been up to this week.)


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