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Thursday, April 3, 2008

ready to goand finished

I debated quite a bit about what kind of material to use for the vertical structures. I opted for 2″x2″ rough redwood. I was planning on buying netting to go in between, but for a couple different reasons, I didn’t. One, I hadn’t ordered it and didn’t want to wait to get something to attach stuff to. Two, this was cheaper. And three, I realized that I should have done something to attach climbing gear to the top piece BEFORE I put it up and attached it to the bed. They are about 7 feet tall (figuring my husband is 6’2″…he can reach the stuff at the top), but on top of that, the ground below them slopes downward. So it’s treacherous to even think about putting a step-stool there to attach stuff. I opted for making slip knots in the twine, tossing the roll of twine over the top, cutting the piece to length, and feeding the end through the slip knot to tighten. (Thanks Matt and Kathy.) That was not a fun process. I still have another bed to go and I’m not looking forward to it.

I did a little more planting today. I ran out and got a couple more squash plants and got them tucked in. And I planted more seeds.

I mentioned that I’m using the sixth bed as a combo nursery bed and cutting flower garden (I think). Anyway, I planted many different kinds of flower seeds.
nursery bed


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