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Saturday, April 5, 2008

flower bed

I had this patio installed a few years ago. Long story about why it is where it is and looks the way it does (the guy never finished it…3/4 his fault…1/4 my fault) and I was going to have it ‘fixed’ before I planted this border.

But after three years…I just needed to plant SOMETHING. And I needed a little instant gratification that buying things in bloom could provide. So it seemed like a good fit. So I planted this part late yesterday.

Spring break is winding down and I’ve accomplished a lot (outside). One goal I had was to get the patio area to a point where it was pleasant to have a meal out there. I’m almost there. I’m short a few plants for the other side. And the plant at the far end of that picture is a bulb (starts with a c…) that hasn’t bloomed yet. I want to wait to move the bulbs after they’ve bloomed and the foliage has died back. So the whole area will have to wait. But the immediate area around the patio…it can have flowers.

There are…

… tecolote dwarf ranuculas. They’re almost done, but they’re the ‘instant gratification’ part of the equation. Plus, since they’re bulbs, they should come back next year.

…rocky mountain penstemon. I hope this is the penstemon that I grew so successfully at my old house. If it is, it should fill in nicely.

…santa barbara daisies (e…something). I hope these will fill in and be ‘wispy’ over the edge of the patio.

…gerber daisies. I just love these things. I just love them. I need more of them.

Update: I finished planting the other side of the patio this afternoon.
south side of dining patio


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