a reflective sunday

Sunday, April 6, 2008

jake and aj
I’m a teacher, and spring break is rapidly coming to a close. We always think we’ll get more done than we do when given a window of time. This time, I probably got more done. I didn’t do some of the stuff I would have liked to have gotten done and some of the things I should have gotten done. But I got ALOT done! This may be the best spring break ever. (Or maybe not…we usually make it somewhere in Northern California…but this one is right up there.) Time at home with the dogs, cats, and husband is pretty darn good.

This morning, after getting the last little bit of CSS figured out for the ‘look’ of the blog (’cause that stuff is important ya know) I finally did a little link hopping and checked out a substantial number of other gardening blogs. And I started to feel a little…inadequate.

I mentioned my tendency to over-analyze (at least once before) and I could have easily done that with this garden. The perfect combination of peppers. The perfect varieties of seeds purchased from the perfect organic sources. The perfect time and method to start said seeds. Etc., etc. , etc.

But at some point, I just had to DO something. Yes, I bought a lot of plants from local nurseries. No, they probably haven’t been raised organically to this point. Yes, there might be a better variety of X for my purposes. But I’ve got six raised beds, 75% full of stuff that will still be ‘better’ than what I can buy in the store. Maybe not as good as what I can buy at a local farmers’ market…yet. But this is my first, large scale garden. I don’t want to put any more pressure on it, or on me, than I’m putting already.

And the wonderful, wonderful thing about gardening is…there’s always next season…next year. I realized at some point in life that that is what I have enjoyed about school and about every job that I’ve really enjoyed. Seasonal projects…the cyclical nature of things. I worked one place where easter candy figured prominently into my job responsibilities and I went through two easters…learning from the first, enjoying the anticipation, and making the second one better. And then I worked for YEARS at a restaurant/pie shop that made and sold thousands of pies each Thanksgiving. I got more and more involved with those events. Lots of people dreaded them, but I loved it. The planning, the thinking on your feet when things didn’t go as planned, and the sheer exhaustion when it was over. Good times.

So just as I start looking forward to the following school year in about…March…so it will be with gardening. I’ve just started my first warm season garden and I need to start thinking about when and how to start my cool season stuff (based on our insanely hot summers and falls here) and my warm season stuff next year. I aspire to something like this…a planting schedule on the Seeded blog.

My main tasks today are supposed to be getting my house in some semblance of order and figuring out what I’m doing in the remaining 8 weeks of school. But the project that keeps running through my mind is how to take my notes on ‘what is growing in which square’ of my garden and put it online. I like the format I have on paper, so I’m thinking of just recreating it in Excel and saving it as a web page. But Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet in iWork, has so much more flexibility in graphics etc….it’s a perfect excuse to buy that. But no. (At least not until I exhaust the Excel possibility).

And the next tasks down the line…irrigation, leveling out the better part of the second level where the beds are, and working on paths and edgings for that level. And creating a bigger and better composting area.


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